If you are interested in our stone products or have any questions, contact us freely. Our sales managers are available by phone and online chat during our business hours. Usually emails are replied within 24 hours, our team will offer you the best service.

    Office Business Hours:Beijing, China Available Time: 8:30~12:30, 14:00~18:00 Monday~Saturday


    inquiryMobile&whatsapp: Manager zoey:0086-181-6093-8286


    Email: info#SunshineStoneChina.com 
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    Factory and Showroom Address:Jiedai Industry Zone, Huangtang Town, Huian County, Quanzhou, Fujian, China

    Thank you for your interest in our products. 

    For sales questions, please contact our sales team as below.  We are happy to answer your questions, and offer any necessary assistance. 


    Name:   Zoey Huang

    Position:   Sales Manager

    Cell:   +86-18160938286

    Email:  sales15#sunshinestone.com.cn  (To aovid spam email, please change # to @)

    AMANDA jpg

    Name:   Amanda Chen

    Position:   Sales Manager

    Cell:   +86-18160938287

    Email:sales1#sunshinestone.com.cn  (To aovid spam email, please change # to @)


    Name:   Connie Yang

    Position:   Sales

    Cell:   +86-18160938290

    Email:sales3#sunshinestone.com.cn  (To aovid spam email,please change # to @)


    Name:   Lisa Zheng

    Position:   Sales

    Cell:   +86-18105087852

    Email:sales10#sunshinestone.com.cn  (To aovid spam email, please change # to @)


    Name:   Sherry Wang

    Position:   Sales

    Cell:   +86-18159278853

    Email:   sales5#sunshinestone.com.cn   (To aovid spam email,please change # to @)


    Name:  Carlo Huang

    Position:   Sales

    Cell:   +86-18160938290

    Email:   sales10#sunshinestone.com.cn ( To aovid spam email, please change # to @)