The Story of Sunshine Stone

Once upon a time, two individuals from utterly distinct worlds merged to produce something incredibly stunning. In 2001, Frank and Lucy happened to cross paths by accident, but their love for one another and for natural stone items immediately drew them together.

Frank, a computer science enthusiast from a small town with experience in importing and buying goods, made the decision to publish his knowledge of natural stone on a personal website for the world to see. During a web search for natural stone products, Lucy, a driven young woman from the city with a great eye for quality and design, came upon Frank’s website. She was immediately taken aback by the stunning design and expert expertise Frank demonstrated on his website. They struck up a discussion, and soon they were discussing their mutual love of natural stone on a daily basis. After numerous phone discussions, Frank made a business trip to Lucy’s city where they ultimately met in person at a neighbourhood coffee shop. They connected right away, and they started to fall in love right away.

Lucy left her work and relocated to Frank’s little hamlet in barely three months. There, they established a home-based business for exporting natural stone products. When their first kid was born in 2003, their efforts to identify the best suppliers and discover new markets around the world were rewarded. They began producing their own natural stone sinks in a tiny factory they rented in 2004. In 2006, they bought a sizable piece of land on which to erect their own plant.


They added marble furniture and other home decor items to their product line as they grew their company year after year. One of the most prosperous businesses in the sector, Frank and Lucy are known for their love of natural stone and dedication to excellence. The best natural stone goods and designs are what they offer their consumers today as they continue to innovate and inspire.