More Information about Stone Shower Trays

Shower trays play a very important role in the bathroom, just as draining away waste water efficiently, keeping your bathroom floor dry and protecting the floor better.

There are some components you have to consider when you are buying a shower tray, just as size, shape and material, and size should be one of the most important components. If your shower tray isn’t exactly the right size, it won’t hold all the water inside where it is supposed to be.

As a factory specialized in producing stone shower trays since 2004, we don’t want to talk about these components one by one in details as what you could see from many other articles but would like to share with you some more information about stone shower trays we have been producing.

How to produce stone shower trays?

Actually, we not only produce marble shower trays, granite shower trays but also could produce shower trays in limestone, sandstone, travertine and onyx. After receiving an order, we need to go to our yards to choose the correct materials for what ordered or arrange purchasing if we don’t have the materials in stock or the blocks in stock are not enough to finish the order.

The blocks usually would be larger than the shower cups ordered and we need to cut the blocks into smaller sizes first. Before cutting, we need to check all 6 sides of the block to make sure there is no crack and decide how to cut the block to avoid the defect if there is any. 

After cutting large block into smaller sized blocks required for length and width of the shower trays ordered, we will start to cut the block into slabs at thickness of 40mm or 50mm. We usually produce marble/granite shower cups at 50mm thick and granite shower cups could be available at 40mm thick.

The next step is removing some stone off by the machine you could see from the image below and it will make it easier to shape the marble/granite shower cups into designs ordered and speed up the production.

Our experienced craftman will shape them into different styles of shower trays with different sized saw cutting equipments.

The final step is to get the marble/granite shower trays with hone finish. In order to be anti-slip, we don’t recommend polish finish for the surface and flamed finish is a very good choice for this purpose but it only could be applied to granite materials.

How to pack marble/granite shower trays?

We would pack marble/granite shower trays in wooden crates and there usaully would be two ways.

The first one is to pack the marble/granite shower trays in wooden crate separately as the image below shown. It would be easier to deliver the shower tray from the warehouse to individual customer but it is more spacious that less pieces could be shipped in one containers, which make the average shipping cost higher accordingly.

The second one is to pack pieces in one wooden crate as image below shown and the quantity for each crate depends on the size of the marble/granite shower trays. We usually would pack 10pcs each crate for sizes 900X900MM, 100X100MM, 1200X900MM, 1400X900MM, etc. but the quantity would be only 5pcs for the size 190X900MM or larger sizes, in order to control the weight to be about 1000kgs per crate. We would use foam betwen each shower cups to better protect the surfaces, in case of scratches. As we could see from the image, it is space saving and more pieces could be shipped in one container.  

How to ship marble/granite shower trays economically and safely?

Marble/granite shower trays are beautiful but they are also heavier than the other materials, like ceramic shower trays, acrylic shower trays, and it is quite expensive to ship marble/granite shower trays by air or express. The most economical shipping way by ocean and the MOQ needs to be 10pcs if you could not go with FCL (full container load) orders, so we are still able to have packing strong enough for long delivery by LCL shipments.  

How to order marble/granite shower trays from Sunshine Stone?

If you need marble/granite shower trays for your business and have any quesiton on stone shower trays, just send us the email at or call at 0086-18160938286. Our sales manager will reply to you within 24 hours, all of our sales managers have more than 5 years’ experience at our company. You just tell them which item in what quantity you need, they will offer you the professional suggestions and assist with you how to order in an economical way step by step.

Do we need any inspection before shipping?

Some customers will arrange inspection before shipping but most of our customers accept self-inspection by our company Huian Sunshine Stone Co., Ltd., because our professional QC will inspect all products carefully and fix the problem if there is any. The rate of our claims for granite materials is less than 1% and 3%~5% for marble materials, so the probability of receiving defective products is very low. The most important reason should be that we always will be responsible for any defective product if it does happen and our sales manager will offer you the after-sale service.