How To Make Stone Forest Black Sinks From Blocks

Stone Forest Marble is black with white lines, also called Chinese Nero Marquina. It is belonged to marble and the density is around 2.69g/m3. The characteristic white lines and oxide layers are usually due to various mineral impurities such as claysiltsandiron oxides, or chert etc. We will show you how the stone forest black sinks made from blocks step by step as below.
Stone Forest Black Marble Quarry

The blocks are mined from the quarry piece by piece without cutting the faces. If you want to see clearly of how will the veins look like, you could ask the supplier to cut the faces like the following photo but it will cost extra.

After the blocks arrive at our factory, we start to cut the big blocks on disk saw as the following photo. Normally it will take 3-4 days for finishing one block.

Next step is going to hand cut as following photo, so from big pieces to small pieces at this step.

Step 3: drilling the sink drain as the following photo.

Step 4: Hand Shaping, this step is the most difficult and important one as it relates how the stone forest sinks will look like. The exquisite workmanship will make the sinks look much better.

Step 5: Hand Polishing, after this, the stone forest sinks will be born.

Here is the finished stone forest black sink, do you like it?

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