How to make bathroom basins from cobblestone?

Cobblestone, well known as a natural building material based on cobble-sized stones, and is used for pavement roads, streets, and buildings. You may not imagine that cobblestone could also be used for making bathroom basins. Here we will introduce how we make step by step.

  1. Where does the cobblestone come

Before showing you how we produce cobblestone basin, we would like to let you know where the cobblestone come. It is originally collected from riverbeds where the flow of the water made them round. You could see from the following pictures. Cobblestone is available in many colors, such as gray, yellow, pink, tan and charcoale etc., but gray is the most commonly used. However, most of our bathroom basins are made out of yellow cobblestone.


  1. What can Sunshine Stone build with cobblestone

Below please find the photos of cobblestone products we make, yellow cobblestone bathroom basins, cobblestone basins with onyx mosaic and cobblestone mosaic tiles etc., which style do you prefer?


  1. How to bring cobblestone to our factory

From the following photos, you could see how we bring the cobblestone to our factory. Our purchasing colleague should take the boat with the supplier and they could only carry them one piece by one piece by hand from the river.

  1. The production procedure for cobblestone bathroom basins

How to produce a cobblestone bathroom basins? First of all, we need to cut the cobblestone and hollow out the inner parts. Then our craftman will make them in the shape of bathroom basins. Finally, you could select the finish of the basins, we could either make the inner in polished or honed.

  1. The packing way of cobblestone basins

 Normally for wholesale, we pack the cobblestone basin in individual foam and wooden crate, 16-20PCS in one wooden pallet as the following pictures. You could also find the photos of other suppliers pack for your reference and comparison. To be careful, make sure the wooden crates have been fumigated before exporting.

  1. Shipping options of exporting cobblestone basins

 Depending on the quantity you order, for small quantity, you could ship by international express courier or by air. If for wholesale quantity, the best shipping way is by ocean.


  1. How to install cobblestone basins

 Cobblestone basins are usually used as up-mount, so it is very easy to install cobblestone basins. No matter the materials of the vanity top you will use such as wood, plywood or stone, you just put the cobblestone basin on the top and fix the drain with the basin and top is okay.

  1. Tips to maintain cobblestone basins

 As the nature of cobblestone, it is belonged to granite, which means it will require less care than other materials. So to maintain cobblestone basins, it is a very simple task. First of all, cleaning the cobblestone basins with a sponge or soft cloth; After drying, applying it with water sealer to repel water and oil-based stains, it will make the cobblestone basins last longer. For daily use, please do remember wipe off immediately the product which may potentially stain.

  1. How to order a cobblestone product

 If you are interested in any of our cobblestone products and want to order, just send us the email at or call at 0086-18160938286. Our sales manager will reply to you within 24 hours, all of our sales managers have more than 5 years’ experience at our company. You just tell them which item in what quantity you need, they will offer you the professional suggestions and assist with you how to order in an economical way step by step.

  1. What if you get a defective cobblestone product

Every product which leaves our factory is inspected by every producing step: cutting, shaping, polishing, QC and packing. The rate of our claims for granite materials is less than 1% and 3%~5% for marble materials. So the probability of receiving defective products is very low. But if it does happen, don’t worry, we will always be responsible for any defective product. Our sales manager will offer you the after-sale service.