How to make a kitchen sink from natural stone

Kitchen sink, it is a very important part of a house for a female. As we need to spend a lot of time with our kitchen sink. If the sink is nice, durable and easy to clean, it becomes our top concern.

There are seven best kitchen materials to select from, stainless steel, copper, enamel, fireclay, solid surface, stone and composite for making kitchen sink. Today I would like to introduce you how to make a kitchen sink from natural stone materials.

1. How to select stone materials for making kitchen sinks

Before showing you how we produce stone kitchen sinks, we would like to let you know how to select stone materials. There are granite, marble and onyx stone materials for options. Granite is the most durable stone compared to the other two. However, the colors and veins of granite are normally boring and with no big difference. If you prefer uniform color pattern, you may choose granite. But if you like more rich variation in colors and veins, marble materials are your best choice. Onyx materials are transparent, it can be used for classical kitchen style. You may see kitchen sinks in different stone materials as below.

Granite Kitchen Sinks

Marble Kitchen Sinks

Onyx Kitchen Sinks

2. Cutting a kitchen sink from a stone block

After deciding which stone materials to make for the kitchen sink, we will select a stone block and start the first step–disk saw cutting.

3. Hand cutting dimension stone block

After cutting the kitchen sink dimension from the big the stone block, we need to hand cut the inner parts as below. So that the hand shaping workers will knock off the inner stone pieces and begin to shape.

4.Hand shaping the kitchen sink

After hand cutting, our hand shaping workers will clean out all the inner stone pieces, drill the drain hole and make the sink into the required shape according to our technical drawing. If you prefer to add some carving on the front, then you could choose the carving design. Normally Italian Carving Style,    are the most three popular carving designs on the front.

5.Honed or Polished Finish on the kitchen sinks

After finishing the shaping, you could decide which finish on the surface of the kitchen sinks you want, honed or polished as below. Then our workers will make the finish according to the contract you have signed with our sales manager.

6.The packing way of kitchen sinks

Normally for wholesale, we pack the kitchen sink in individual foam and wooden crate, 3-4PCS in one wooden pallet as the following pictures. The wood packing should be fumigated before exporting.

7.Shipping options of exporting stone kitchen sinks

As the gross weight of single piece stone kitchen sink is around 100-200KGS depending on the size and design you choose, normally we suggest to ship by ocean. As long as you order from us, our sales manager will offer you the best option for shipping. Don’t worry about the delivery.

8.How to install stone kitchen sinks

Kitchen sinks are usually used as under-mount, so it is very easy to install. No matter the materials of the counter top you will use such as quartz or stone, you just put the kitchen sink under the top and fix the drain with the sink is okay.

9.Tips to maintain stone kitchen sinks

PRIOR TO INSTALLATION, each natural stone product must be pre-cleaned with pure water,  after which the natural stone must be completely dry before proceeding with treatment with a stain-stop product. Before impregnating the natural stone, make sure that no stains or residues of stains are visible, as the stain-stop will trap them in the pores. First remove the stain and let it dry; only then start the treatment with the stain-stop product. Please test the product in an concealed place before proceeding to a complete treatment of the natural stone. It is very important to apply the stain-stop treatment according to the instructions on the packaging of the product. Various stain-stop products are available on the market; some work with a colour-deepening effect. Choose only the product that meets your treatment requirements. For optimal protection of your natural stone product, granite treatment should be carried out at least twice, marble treatment at least three times. The treated natural stone must be fully dry before proceeding with the final installation. Drying time depends on the product used, we recommend waiting at least 24 hours before proceeding with final installation.

DAILY USE After each use of your natural stone product, it is recommended to clean the product with a slightly damp cloth and then rub it dry, so that residues of soap, lime, etc. cannot dry on the surface. It is recommended to regularly maintain your natural stone product with a suitable, gentle natural stone cleaner. The following products may not be used on natural stone: vinegar, acids, products containing chlorine, ammonia, bleach or oil-containing products. These products cause irreparable damage to natural stone. Also avoid using abrasive cleaners or scouring pads, as these will cause scratches.

ANNUAL MAINTENANCE Natural stone products should be treated several times a year with an impregnating agent (stain-stop) to prevent infiltration of various products that are used in the kitchen. A granite product should be treated at least twice a year, a marble product should be treated at least four times a year.

WHAT TO DO IN CASE OF STAINS Caution is advised when using surface-active products (such as unblocking agents, hair dyes, lotions containing sulphur, etc.) as these can damage the surface and cause discolouration/staining. Do not allow the stains to dry, but immediately pat them with an absorbent paper/cloth to absorb as much as possible. React as soon as possible after detecting the stain. The more recent the stain, the easier it is to remove. Treat the natural stone with the right products; randomly tackling an unknown stain with products can aggravate the stain or make its removal more difficult. First determine the origin of the stain and then choose the appropriate product for it. Use of anti-limescale agents should ABSOLUTELY be avoided, as they can damage the surface. Before starting a treatment, test it out on a less visible location.

10. How to order a stone kitchen sink

If you are interested in any of our stone kitchen sinks and want to order, just send us the email at or call at 0086-18160938286. Our sales manager will reply to you within 24 hours, all of our sales managers have more than 5 years’ experience at our company. You just tell them which item in what quantity you need, they will offer you the professional suggestions and assist with you how to order in an economical way step by step.

11.What if you get a defective stone kitchen sink

Every product which leaves our factory is inspected by every producing step: cutting, shaping, polishing, QC and packing. The rate of our claims for granite materials is less than 1% and 3%~5% for marble materials. So the probability of receiving defective products is very low. But if it does happen, don’t worry, we will always be responsible for any defective product. Our sales manager will offer you the after-sale service.