Do you know about Carrara Marble Slab

Maybe you know it or maybe you don’t, let’s take you to Carrara Marble Slab.

The world loves Carrara marble and Everybody knows Carrara is a fine Italian marble.The word ”Carrara” means ”quarry” in Latin.But few people know that besides quarries, Carrara is a beautiful Tuscan historic city, where hundreds of artists and artisans work.

Carrara is known as the “hometown of white marble” and “capital of marble”, is a world-famous marble trading and processing center.

Why is Carrara marble so popular?Mainly due to its unique physical structure! ”

This kind of marble is slightly rough and has a sugar structure, and than other marble, it is easier to cut.”Marco Ragone, an expert consultant on the stone market of Carrara International Stone and Machinery Company (IMMCarrara), said.Because of this, ancient sculptors favored this kind of marble very much.The most famous work comes from Carrara marble.

All marble is created in the same way, undergoing the same metamorphosis that transforms limestone into the crystalline natural stone known as marble.So Carrara is no exception.Though all marble is formed in the same way by nature, a marble may be unique and more highly sought after than others.Italian Carrara quarry is the origin of Carrara marble.The quarry workers use explosions and giant cutters to break the Carrara marble into blocks, which are then transported to a factory for cutting, gluing, polishing and other processes to produce Carrara slabs.

Ususlly on the market, the size of Carrara marble slab mainly in 240x120cm up, 260x160cm up,etc. It depends on the size of Carrara block.The slabs with bigger size and higher price too.In addition to the size will affect the price, its background, veining, and color tone also have an effect.

The pure and soft texture of Carrara marble coupled with the elegant and natural veins is amazing.Some Carrara slabs have a white background,the whiter the background and finer the texture, the more expensive and desirable these marbles get.This is why this color has a global appeal with designers and architects.

Carrara marble is belong to popular stone color all the time.Whatever in European market or eastern market,Carrara marble all has big range use. At our daily life,we know the marble stone can be cut into different styles and shapes.For example,marble floor tiles, marble wall tiles. In addition, there are marble table tops and countertops for kitchen or bathroom,etc.

How to choose those slab of marble, that depends on the customers finally projects application,and also should pay more attention to projects demand.For example,if you want to use this material for marble foor tiles,then you also need check floor tiles total area size.And how to cut this marble tiles.In addition,you also should confirm projects location.If for hotel lobby or airport ,then there always have peoples on the ground.We have to choose matt surface and tiles with anti slip effect.

Generally speaking,the most popular marble projects can choose Carrara marble tiles as raw material.As we know that this material with very good physical structure.In addition,it is also with easy cut feature too. Whether it is a small size of wall tiles, floor tiles, or a large size of the table countertops. You can achieve effectively by cutting Carrara slab,it always gives you good performance.

Once you have identified the materials you want, your main concern should be the price.For Carrara slabs, the texture of the slabs can affect the price, but it can be around from $60 to $140 a square meter. Note that prices vary depending on the supplier—an exclusive supplier may charge more (and have more distinctive marbles to offer) than a big-box retailer.Of course, where to buy marble slab also is important for you. If you are a marble slab distributor, then most peoples import it from China now. And if you are a final user, the most peoples buy it from local marble slab shop, as there with small quantity supply and good installation service. Importance is that also can provide you choose at shop directly.You can check every piece of marble slab quality directly and compare the colors and patterns in the pieces on display,then find one that fits your taste in terms of the aesthetics and your planned color scheme.

However, it is not that easy to shop around.Because most places might have only three slabs to show you.Our company will send photographs of available marbles to show customers what is available.

In China,we can buy various class quality of Carrara marble blocks.As here with a lots of marble quarry agents and they always sell Carrara marble blocks at Shuitou market with very big quantity. As Chinese marble slabs suppliers with more high tech machine and better quality control ability. That means we can have rich choices to supply material and product. Sunshine Stone can provide you this marble in great quality.With long time developing,we has know this Stone material feature very well. You have with options for both honed and polished surfaces.Our Carrara marble slabs are carefully selected and we believe that you will meet your requirements and expectations.At the market, there are also a lots of marble tiles dealer in various countries now. They all know this marble material very well. The products import often buy directly from Italy and China. As the both countries suppliers can guaranteed quality and price advantages too.

Natural marble is really more expensive than other materials.But What makes marble worth the money?It is an elegant, classic look that can work in a traditional space and also fit right in with a sleek contemporary look. People like marble for its natural beauty, even though it can show wear and tear over the years. Every house in Europe has a stone countertop—it’s only in this country that people think everything has to look brand-new. Many homeowners do appreciate the way a marble counter can develop a patina from use. If that is something you can live with, then marble may well be the right choice for you.