Carrara Marble Products

The city of Carrara,located in the north-central Tuscany region of Italy, it is famous for its rich white marble, which has played an important role in the construction industry since ancient times.

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For two thousand years, people have been mining marble on the Carrara Mountains to show treasure to the world.Looking from afar, under the vast mountains, there are buried marble treasures that have been sleeping for hundreds of millions of years.

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Because of white stone’s pure and soft texture and complemented by the elegant and natural veins. It has become a favorite of designers and proprietor, since ancient times. It is widely used as the decoration and decorative material for the high-end hotels, high-end villas and high-end leisure places.

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Sunshine Stone Co., Ltd. as a manufacturer of natural stone sanitary wares, demand a larger and larger quantity of Carrara marble blocks which is used for manufacturing marble wash basins and marble bathtubs. For getting a stable quality, supply and also competitive prices, the president decide to buy blocks from quarries directly.

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Disk saw cutting on each side is the first procedure and one of the most important steps, when the blocks arrive at factory. Clear faces will show how the veins look like and how the crack goes. Designer and engineer will judge and cut the perfect part out of the block.

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to shaping a basic outline, dig a hollow and drilling the drain hole.

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And following up is the hand shaping. This is a real strict step testing the real ability of Engravers. It may be easy to make basin or bathtub works, but difficult to make it beautiful.

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Finality is for surface treatment. Gloss polished or honed as per customers’ requirement.

By now, after inspection, the products are ready to ship.

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