Natural Stone Freestanding Wash Basin Pedestal Sink

 1. Advantages of stone pedestal sinks
Nowadays more and more natural stone materials are used for making bathroom sinks, people begin to worry about if it is good. Actually, there are many advantages of sinks made from natural stone. First, it is strong and durable, it can last a lifetime. They are not susceptible to dent or rust. Second, each sink will be with its own color and veins, you could not find two in the same in the world, that will bring you an unique bathroom. Finally, if you bring natural stone freestanding wash basin to your bathroom, you will get an upscale and chic appeal space. As it doesn’t require any wall attachment nor supporting base, it could be installed anywhere in a room while saving space.

2. New designs of stone pedestal sinks

Every month, our designers will develop many new designs of our stone products. If you are interested in, you may contact our sales manager by email and we will send to you the photos of new designs every month. You could see some newly designs of stone pedestal sinks as below. You could see that with different shape, finishing on the surface, it will bring you different stone pedestal sinks, some modern, some traditional, you could find the most suitable one to your bathroom style.

3. Top 10 popular designs of pedestal sinks

If you are hesitated in selecting what kinds of stone freestanding sinks, you could find top 10 popular designs of freestanding pedestal sinks as below. We believe you will find one suits your style.

4. The options of pedestal sinks outlet

There are two options of pedestal sinks’ outlet, one is from the wall, the other one is from the floor. You could see the photos of wall outlet and floor outlet as below, so that you could decide to choose which outlet according to your bathroom pipes.

5. Where can you buy a stone pedestal sink

If now you are very interested in buying a stone pedestal sink, you may visit at for selecting one. We have been in this stone field for more than 17 years and believe we could offer you the most proper stone pedestal sink.

6.  The packing way for stone pedestal sink

We have been in exporting since building up the first factory in 2004, so all of our packing is exporting standard. Normally we pack stone pedestal sink in foam or molding foam and individual wooden crate as below, then several pieces in one wooden pallet. All the wooden packing will be fumigated before shipping.

7.  How to ship a stone pedestal sink

According to the quantity you order, our sales manager will offer you the professional shipping option to save your freight cost. Normally, for small quantity, you could select to ship by international express courier or by air. But if for bulk order, the best way to ship is by ocean. As long as you confirm the stone pedestal sink to buy, we will assist with you for shipping, don’t worry.

8.  Tips to maintain stone pedestal sink

Due to the porous nature of stone materials, the sink can take on stains. The longer the stain remains, the deeper it penetrates and could become permanent in some circumstances. So we suggest to remove a stain as soon as it occurs. Normally, for good maintenance, applying the water sealer on the stone sinks after installation and it is better to seal twice a year. For daily use, please do remember wipe off immediately the product which may potentially stain.

9.  How to order a stone pedestal sink

It is easy to order the stone pedestal sink from us, just send the email to or call at 0086-18160938286. Our sales manager will reply to you within 24 hours, all of our sales managers have more than 5 years’ experience at our company. You just tell them which item in what quantity you need, they will offer you the professional suggestions and assist with you how to order in an economical way step by step. 

10.  What if you get a defective pedestal sink

Every product which leaves our factory is inspected by every producing step: cutting, shaping, polishing, QC and packing. The rate of our claims for granite materials is less than 1% and 3%~5% for marble materials. So the probability of receiving defective products is very low. But if it does happen, don’t worry, we will always be responsible for any defective product. Just contact our sales manager with the photos, they will offer you the after-sale service.